3M Clarity Metal and Ceramic Braces

3M Clarity Metal and Ceramic Braces

3M Orthodontic Products are known to offer ‘optimized efficiency, performance, and aesthetics.’ At Peninsula Orthodontics, we only use top quality orthodontic products because your health and comfort are important to us.

We use different types of 3M™ Clarity™ Esthetic Orthodontic brackets:

3M™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brackets

This esthetic type of brackets is smaller in design so is more comfortable on the teeth.

3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets

These are fully-esthetic ceramic brackets designed to blend in with the teeth.

3M ortho clarity

The brackets are small but brilliant. Let’s look into what these brackets offer.

  • Double ligation – Oval under tie-wing area allows for double ligation for versatility in treatment.
  • Patient comfort – Injection-molded ceramic gives a smooth rounded surface and corners. This is for your comfort.
  • Passive or active on-demand – Passive self-ligating bracket becomes active on-demand with the addition of metal or elastomeric ligatures.
  • Rotational control – Wide ceramic door assists rotational control with a broad mesial-distal span.
  • Strength – Finely grained micro-crystalline silica, designed for strength.

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