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What is Damon System Braces?

Damon System is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses gentle force to move the teeth into a natural position. Plus, the gentle movement allows for the patient to go through the full treatment with less discomfort. This type of treatment has been around for 20 plus years and has served to correct over 7 million smiles.

Damon System uses self-ligating clear or metal brackets attached to the teeth without the use of rubber bands.

How Does Damon System Work?

damon_systemThe Damon brand orthodontic treatment uses Self-ligating brackets which are a patented slide mechanism that connects archwires and brackets. This type of device allows the wire to move freely, reducing friction and discomfort. It works much like traditional braces but uses contemporary technology to gently move the teeth.

What’s so Good About Self-ligating Brackets?

Damon Self-Ligating bracket system uses ‘Light force, high-technology, shape-memory wires.’

Fewer adjustments are needed when using self-ligating brackets.

Treatment time is reduced so you can enjoy your new smile sooner.

What Sort of Issues can be Treated with Damon Bracket System?

  • Smile arc
  • Treating a gummy smile
  • Upright teeth for a proper bite
  • Narrow arch smile

What’s Damon Clear?

The Damon Clear System gives you a broader smile.

The Damon system reduces dark buccal corridors of your month and gives you a more youthful smile.

How Can I Get Started?

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