What is Propel?

Propel VPro+ Propel stimulates the bones around your teeth during tooth movement which increases the speed of bone remodeling.  This remodeling is an important step toward achieving the straight, perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

During orthodontic treatment, pressure placed on the teeth result in their movement toward the desired position.

Propel accelerates the bone remodeling process, thus faster tooth movement to achieve perfect treatment result, the perfect coupling with Invisalign aligners

What Are the Overall Benefits?

  • Increased comfort
  • Fewer side effects
  • Decreased treatment time
  • Optimal aligner fitting

Can I do This at Your Office?

Yes. Our In-Office Propel treatment is micro-osteoperforation™or MOPs® for short. This is a technique used to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement with braces or aligners. You will receive ‘dimples’ on your required stimulation teeth during a regularly scheduled office visit.

Can I do This at Home?Propel Orthodontics Logo

Yes. The VPro+ is the Propel device for home use. You need to use it for just 5 minutes a day for quicker results and less discomfort.

Can I use Propel if I Have Already Started Orthodontic Treatment?

Yes. You can start using Propel anytime during treatment. Always consult with us first.

What is High-Frequency Vibration?

The VPro Series devices were designed for your comfort. There is a gradual ramp-up to full vibration. Most people will become accustomed to using the device after a few five-minute sessions.

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